We are so excited to see all the kids back out on the dance floor again this year.  All events will run on Saturday afternoon.

There is a $25.00 registration fee for all competitors


Ohio is open and no masks are required on the dance floor.   


We are excited to be a

Fordney Event!

For more information on the

Fordney Foundation

click here.

Send all completed forms with payment to:  
8610 Washington Blvd, Suite 203,  Jessup, MD 20794
Call 443-618-8388 or 240-535-2669   Fax: 301-476-0160  
Email:  info@dancenorthcoast.com


 Incomplete entries or entries received after June 12, 2021 will be accepted at the discretion of the organizer if space and time permit.  Please see Rules & Regulations for cancellation and refund policies.


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