Ticket Info:


   June 25, Thursday Evening, 5:00 pm


    $10 (Children/Collegiate)


   June 26, Friday Morning & Afternoon, 9:00 am


    $15 (Children/Collegiate)


   June 26, Friday Evening, 7:00 pm


    $30 (Children/Collegiate)


   June 27, Saturday Morning & Afternoon, 9:00 am


    $15 (Children/Collegiate)


   June 27, Saturday Evening, 8:00 pm


    $40 (Children/Collegiate)

Now Accepting credit cards!
Credit cards will only be accepted for all transactions.
A 5% transaction fee will be applied to all credit card charges. 

- Tickets can be purchased for any of the five sessions listed. Please note that pricing is for a single individual only. Couples must purchase two individual tickets. Children and full-time Collegiate students (with proof of school ID) can purchase tickets at a reduced rate.​

- Ticket sales will be available at the door throughout the duration of the competition. Tickets purchased at the door will be $5.00 more per ticket.

- We accept cash only for tickets purchased at the door.

- Individuals wishing to purchase tickets in advance can either submit a personal/cashier's check or money order by mail.  All checks must be made out to "Pabon Productions". Tickets will be held at the registration desk.

Please mail payment to:

Pabon Productions

8610 Washington Boulevard, Suite 203

Jessup, MD 20794

Your Hosts & Organizers

Carlos & Marielle Pabon

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